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Sometimes, there are people who decide to show more confidence on us than we ourselves can muster and there are some who continue to help and guide us irrespective of what we try to do.So it happened and i dared to translate this poem from ‘Dosor’ movie.Since I couldn’t find the title of the poem, I have named it as Dosor.

I am posting the original poem in roman alphabets for wider readability.

tomar thonth amar thonth chhulo
jodio ei prothombar noi
chumbon to ageo bohubar…
eibar thothe mileche ashroi

jemon shob bhoyer golpe
doitto danob rakkosh r kkhoy
tile tile shukhoi rajkumari
ontomile rajputrer joy

tobuo khub bhitore badhahin
lorai chole shumbo nishumbher
prothom bole, phool ti chire khabo
ditio bole, hath pate shekh

ashole tumi dirgho shalmoli
shobar matha chariye torubor
tomar thonth amar thonth chhulo
r je kichu okinchitkor .



your lips touch mine,
not the first time, even!
Kisses have been there,always,
This time, it felt haven.

As in those fairy tales,
loom spectre, demon and death,
the princess wanes bit by bit,
but the prince wins at last breath.

But somewhere,deep within,
a fierce duel unbridles,
One says, “Ravage the flower”!
“Entreat!”,the other fiddles.

You are,infact,the lofty Shalmoli,
That towers above us all.
Your lips do touch mine,
Insubstantial, the rest fall.


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